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ZIP-ZAP Starter


For anyone looking for a simple online collaboration tool to help smaller teams to share and evaluate new ideas linked to a specific challenge. Projects are easy to set up and Zip-Zap Ideas® can be used in combination with online conferencing platforms such as Skype, Teams or Zoom.

Package includes 2 projects per year and up to 5 users per project. See details below.

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  • 2 Projects per licence per year
  • 5 Users per individual Project
  • Create and run your own Private Projects
  • Users share and post early ideas (Zip)
  • Users edit and refine Ideas
  • Users highlight favourite ideas
  • Print page view PDF print outs
  • Users add drawings and images to ideas
  • Ideas viewable in "Image Tiles"
  • Secured data and high-speed server
  • Email Help Desk support
  • Highlight "Star Ideas" with potential
  • Evaluate ideas with wider audience (Zap)
  • Add stimulus files to your Projects
  • Track user activity levels
  • Manage different user access levels
  • Link and refine leading ideas
  • Access to PDF project reports
  • Sort ideas into different Themes
  • Run Project with separate Challenges
  • Excel Reports
  • Pro+ Training and Support
  • Multi-User Licence option
  • Re-allocate Project to a new owner
  • Create your own Public Projects
  • Features for online customer voting
  • Unleashed Training and Support