Brainstorming Made Simple

Define The Challenge For New Ideas


Idea Sharing Made Simple

Create New Ideas With Your Team


New Ideas Made Simple

Highlight and Refine Leading Ideas


Winning Ideas Made Simple

Identify Winning Ideas For Your Business


Zip-Zap Ideas® is a new online brainstorming tool that lets innovation teams quickly share, refine and evaluate new ideas linked to a specific business challenge (that's the ZIP). It also provides a fast and effective way to get broader feedback to leading ideas from a wider target audience, to identify the ideas with greatest potential (that's the ZAP). Watch the movie to find out more.


1 Define your
Innovation Challenge

Set up your project with up to four specific business challenges, add stimulus materials and then send out an invitation to your team.


2 Ask your team to
ZIP New Ideas

Encourage your team to share and ZIP their early ideas, in meetings and workshops or for on-the-go brainstorming with a wider group.


3 Highlight
Early Favourites

Your teams can highlight their early favourites on any mobile device, as well as editing and adding images to help enhance their own ideas.


4 Group and
Refine Leading Ideas

Pause your project to identify and group early ideas into different themes, before linking and refining "leading ideas" ahead of wider evaluation.


5 Invite Others to
ZAP Refined Ideas

Invite your colleagues and a wider online community to evaluate, ZAP and add comments to the refined ideas they feel have most potential.


6 Identify Winning Ideas
to Take Forward

Review all votes, comments and new ideas from the ZAP stage; download Project Reports and identify the leading ideas to take forward.

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